The Dangers of Pregnant Women Eating Instant Noodles and Tricks to Overcome It

Maintaining a healthy diet is very important during pregnancy. However, sometimes pregnant women find it difficult to refrain from eating certain foods, one of which is instant noodles. Please be careful if pregnant women eat instant noodles, because the relatively high salt content can cause health problems. Salt (sodium / sodium) has at least three benefits for the body, namely maintaining body fluid balance, helping nerve function, and affecting the workings of muscles. However, long-term excess salt intake is at risk of causing various diseases, such as swelling in the limbs or edema, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. Dangers of Instant Noodle on Pregnant Women Basically, pregnant women still need adequate salt intake to help maintain fluid levels in the body. Pregnant women are not forbidden to consume salt, it's just recommended to limit salt consumption so that it is not excessive. While instant noodles have a fairly high salt content. Although the sodiu
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